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Welcome to the IEEE Robotics Page!

Sharing interest in robotics and developing future engineers is our goal!



IEEE Robotics

Our group is dedicated in promoting robotics around the UCR community as well as promoting students to learn how to build, to design, and to program robots from scratch. The IEEE UCR Robotics Team annually competes in the Micromouse Robotics Competitions held across the nation.

The purpose of the Micromouse robotics competition is for students to build and design a miniature mobile wheeled robot to autonomously solve a 16x16 foot maze (with 7x7 inch cells) in the fastest time possible.

When designing their Micromouse robots, students must take the concepts taught to them in class such as signal processing, control theory, circuit design, software algorithms, and other engineering topics, and apply them to create a competitive-worth robot. From conceptual design of the robot to having it autonomously move in the maze, students will obtain valuable multi-disciplinary engineering knowledge from Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Engineering. Complexity in hardware and software systems, as well as participating in a small-sized team, has also allowed students to obtain extensive technical, critical thinking, and teamwork experience not founded in classrooms.

The IEEE Student Organization provides weekly robotics workshops to teach beginner students the necessary skills to succeed as a robotics engineer.

If you are interested in participating, please email or contact the 2016 IEEE Robotics Coordinator Emilio Barreiro (

For the updated workshop schedule, please check our calendar.


UCR 2016 Internal Competition

Beginner's Robotics Workshops

Beginner's Robotics Workshops are held every Monday at 7 - 9 pm for the Fall Quarter 2016 in WCH 233.

Click here for the beginners course syllabus!

In the the Beginners' Robotics Workshops, you will learn how to make a robot move, think, and decide!

It is recommended that EE1A or CS10 or their equivalence be taken before joining the workshops!

What you will get out of joining the IEEE Robotics Team: 

  • The satisfaction of making your robot move autonomously for the first time!
  • Learning to program in embedded C/C++ on 8 & 32 bit micro-controllers!
  • The depressing feeling about frying an integrated circuit component but learning from the experience!
  • Collaborating with engineering students outside of your major and occasionally pulling all nighters together!
  • Travelling to other universities to compete and build strong networks!


Advanced Robotics Group

For those who are brave, have taken the CS/EE 120B course, or have previous robotics experience should consult with the robotics coordinator to join the Advanced Robotics Group!

There will not be any workshops for the Advanced group but instead you will be required to meet weekly with the rest of the advanced group to work on Micromouse.

There is also a Facebook page for advanced students to discuss about Robotics and Micromouse. You have been warned! Click here for the Advanced Robotics Facebook Page!

See you at the workshops!  And stay away from flaming LiPo’s!

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