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Tutorial: Getting started with your microcontroller

You made a good choice in buying from UCR IEEE. You will receive support from your peers and many previous students who have taken the course as well as constantly updated parts. UCR IEEE will do its best to make sure you are are treated fairly.

These tutorials will not repeat everything the lab manuals say. They will only tell you what the lab manuals miss. That being said, lab four already has pages of information of your microcontroller, so none of it will be covered here. 

ATmega microcontroller in a 40-pin package

How to insert and remove your microcontroller from the breadboard

When you insert your microcontroller, make sure it sits flat against the breadboard. When you remove it, just use a pen and pry slightly, alternating sides until it comes out. You do not need chip extractors. 



Connect your microcontroller with the decoupling capacitors like it says in the lab manual. Connect your RESET line to high with a 10K resistor. This allows standalone operation (away from the computer). Notice the hardware reset button with pull-up resistor. Pushing this button forces the reset pin to low, halting the microcontroller.