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CS120B Parts List

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CS120B Kit Contents

Quantity Part Datasheet
1 ATMEL-ICE Cable  
1 16x2 LCD Display LCD 1602
1 4x4 Keypad Matrix Membrane Keypad
1 Speaker/Buzzer Speaker
10 LEDs  
5 Push Button Push Button
20 330Ω Resistor  
10 10kΩ Resistor  
1 40x1 Male Header  
1 Photoresistor Photoresistor
4 0.1uF Capacitor  
2 10k Potentiometer  
2 Slider Switch  
1 Power Adapter 6v 1A  
1 Wall Charger  
1 ISP Adapter  
1 7 Segment Display 7 Segment Display
1 Piano DIP  
2 Shift Register Shift Register
1 Resistor Bar LED Bar Resistor Array
1 10 Segment LED bar  
1 USB A Male-to-Male Cable  
1 Micro USB Cable  


Datasheets are posted whenever available. I have done my best to create a kit worth the money being paid. If you have a suggestion for a part to include that is not an LED matrix, please contact IEEE. (see footer)